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Chan Is No Longer a Guest, February 9th, 2010, 8:35 pm( Reply )

I HATE PB WRITES. - I dunno if anyone else has to do this, but we have to do this thing called "PB Writes". We HAVE TO. If we don't we can't graduate. Anyways, it's where we get a STUPID prompt, and have to write a 5 paragraph essay on it. I thinkhopepray that it was the last one ever. I hate hate hate hate haaaaaaate doing them, and I swear to you the prompts are always ridiculous.
Also, I suck at writing 5 paragraph essays. I sound like a 3rd grader with a nice vocabulary.
That teacher looks nothing like that. I totally blanked on drawing her and after awhile figured it didn't really matter.

And I dunno if I worded the prompt correctly. We basically had to write a persuasive essay about what we think the state legislator should do with internet access in school libraries. Like, should students have access to it?

THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT, LIKE I SAID, I MAY NEVER HAVE TO DO THAT AGAIN. I've been doing those since 6th grade. I'M TIRED OF IT. AAAANNDDD MY FRIEND WAS IN MY TESTING ROOM!! She was always in my testing room last year, but all this year she wasn't in mine. D8

And, either tomorrow or the next day I'm gonna update a picture. I've been drawing zombies lately, and finally got one I like. SO I PROMISE NO BORING THINGS ABOUT MY LIFE. JUST A ZOMBIE.

OH SNAP my markers just fell, gotta clean them up.

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Personally I think the writers of the prompts close there eyes and throw darts at words on the wall. That's why the prompts are so stupid.

posted by Teamantisocial on February 9th, 2010, 8:50 pm

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LMAO That's exactly what they do. It's the only way they could make such retarded prompts.
Back in like 7th grade, I remember I had to write about my favorite "mode of transportation". So I had to write 5 paragraphs about how awesome riding in a car was.
I hate the writers of the prompts.

posted by Chan Is No Longer a Guest on February 9th, 2010, 8:58 pm

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